Running together for a good cause!

Port Oostende organizes the Port Oostende Charity Run for the benefit of 4Brain. 4Brain is a non-profit organization with the aim of informing the general public about how to keep your brain healthy, raise awareness about brain disorders and improve the quality of life of patients with brain disorders.

Will you join us on Saturday 6 May through the Ostend port area to support this charity?

Port Oostende Charity Run as your company trip

The first priority of the Port Oostende is Safety, Health and the Environment. In this way, she also attaches great importance to the well-being and health of her own employees. It is necessary to move sufficiently; it improves your memory, makes you sleep better and reduces stress.

Challenge your company to form teams of up to 3 people and run the Port Oostende Charity Run together with your colleagues for the benefit of 4Brain and your own health.

Sponsor your favorite runner or team

Port Oostende Charity Run is made possible by: